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Oak Ridge Internship


We’re glad you stopped by to learn more about our Internship Program.

It is our passion to serve God and facilitate kingdom growth through developing ministry leaders by equipping them to fulfill God’s call on their life.

This internship program will give you the opportunity to immerse yourself in vocational ministry, spiritual formation and personal growth.

If you believe God may be calling you into vocational ministry, we hope you’ll consider submerging yourself in the ministry of Oak Ridge this summer.


June 12 - August 21, 2017

 Apply HERE


Application Deadline is April 14, 2017


You can expect...

Track Choice:

Pastoral | Worship | Kids | Youth | Tech | IT | Guest Services/Assimilation.


Sharpen your gifts and talents through one-on-one development with your mentor.

Teachings with Staff:

Learn from the leaders and staff on a variety of topics that will stretch, grow and equip you to succeed.

Church Culture:

Participate in staff meetings, planning sessions, ministry team meetings, etc.


Serve with Ministry Teams to impact the lives of others in the community.



Can I work and be an intern at the same time?
You may be able to work part-time hours while you intern. Your job hours cannot conflict with your internship hours. We want you to have the energy, time, and focus to make the most out of your internship as well as balance the other priorities in your life.

What is the admission process?
Submit application.
Interview with Intern Coordinator and Ministry Leader of team you’re interested in serving with.
ReferencesBackground checked.

Will I be paid as an intern?
Yes, our interns are paid. This will be discussed during the interview.

Does Oak Ridge give benefits to participants?
Oak Ridge does not offer benefits to interns.

Is a married person eligible for an internship?
Yes. We are a family centric church and your family would be welcome here.

Do I need a car?
Yes. Oak Ridge does not provide transportation to its interns.

Do I need a laptop?
Yes. Each participant is required to have a laptop computer to use during the duration of the program.

What are the standards that participants must abide by?
Oak Ridge has outlined standards for living above reproach for all Oak Ridge staff. Program participants will be held to the same standards. You will be required to sign our Staff Integrity Covenant.

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